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We are giving a general information about our services we provide including all sub services in it as well. So, let’s talk about those services we are providing .



Let’s understand about this industry what is Architectural Industry? What is Interior industry? What is a Civil Construction industry? What is it actually??


We are professional Architects as well as Interior Designers.  Many people have this understanding like Architects can’t do interior work or interior people can’t do Architecture work. Somehow it is true also, somehow it is false also. So, if you try to understand about this industry, then the whole industry and the entire services or all the sub services, sub categories… all are interlinked with each other. Like, your interior also depends upon architecture sometimes and your architecture depends upon the interior also , they both are like dependent on each other, so whenever we are going to provide services we have to maintain the understanding of architectural services and interior services too.


If we talk about architecture, in architecture you can say we can provide you space planning of a plot where you want to build your house, office, commercial space, or any other kind of structure. That structure we will make as per the by law. The by law will define what kind of building is permissible  in that particular space and as per clients requirement what kind of facility, what kind of lay outing, what kind of space planning we have to give in this. So, in the architectural part mainly we will be planning on the layouting the plot where the construction will happen and at the same time in the part of architectural consultancy itself we will be defining the designs of outer walls of the building and other necessary norms which we have to maintain as per the law. In today’s time people are moving to us in different kind of taste you…can say ultra-modern designs, traditional designs, contemporary designs,  mixed designs, luxury designs etc. What are all these?? These are nothing but taste of some clients. One design can be a very modern design but at the same time some clients may say this is a old fashion because he/she has gone through some other different taste and according to him/her, these are outdated design or something.. but let’s not get into that, whatever designs we are making that is based on the clients requirements and understanding the budget factor, and many other things. So, in architecture work… if we talk about… we will be making the building designs, we will be making the planning, lay outing , the permission from the authority , the elevations of the building, selecting the materials, providing structural drawings, providing electrical and plumbing drawings etc. 



Whoever designs the interior, he has to understand what kind of taste had been given for the exterior for the architectural part, understanding that theme the designer has to maintain the monotony for the interior also, sometime it can be same kind of taste or different kind of taste, also whatever design you pick, ultimately it should complement the architectural part.


For interior designing part, we will be providing different floor plans, ceiling concepts, flooring concepts, wall designs, concepts for fixed furniture, loose furniture , kitchen designs etc. maintaining a theme. If it is a commercial project, services like MEP, modular furniture, also the color theme , lighting effects, the fabrics, the material finishes , everything will be done by the interior designer. So, the interior designing is one of the most important parts of the entire services or entire project. Because, based on your colors, based on what kind of designs you are going to provide, what kind of material you are going to provide… all these things will play very important role. Space planning is also maintained for  spacious designs and which is most important.


Let’s  consider a modern home interior . Every professional and experience interior designer  will be making A theme which will be running throughout the space. The entire house will be having one theme only. So, wherever you stand in within that particular premises, you will have this feeling that every corner has been planned well and designed well. So, every experience and professional interior designer will maintain the same theme for the entire space. 



Less experienced designers often focus on the individual furniture. They may guide you to buy some designer Sofa for the living room. After putting those furniture, your living room will look fantastic…then after..if the designer guides you to pick different types of furniture for rest of the space, then there will be an issue. Your each rooms may look nice. But if you talk about the entire house, then it will look like a furniture showroom only. So it is very important to maintain a theme.



Now, if you talk about commercial interior, Commercial interior can be anything.  It can be your restaurant, it can be your pub, it can be your gym, it can be your showroom, it can be an office, if can be anything. So, we provide different designs  as per the client’s requirements and as per their business need .But everywhere there is one common thing which every client is looking for… that is the space planning and the budget. We do space planning for commercial places understanding your business culture, number of people will be working, based  on that we make designs for your showrooms , office, cafe, whatever it is.


In Commercial interior you can find different types of tastes.  If you go to restaurants , some restaurants are very  contemporary, some restaurants are very fancy, some restaurants are very luxury, some restaurants are very traditional… To understanding what kind of restaurant it is, what kind of café it is, we have the solutions for giving you multiple options for the same. If we are talking about office interior then, let us tell you… office interior doesn’t mean one hall and multiple table chairs just like traditional offices. Now a days clients are making modern cabins for their employees depending upon their designation and roles. We are providing more lively taste for office interior such that whenever you are working, you are enjoying your work. We do provide HVAC services, MEP services, modular furniture , fall ceiling, flooring etc.  There are many more things which we will be discussing widely in our coming blog..


Retail is a show off. If your showroom doesn’t showoff then your clients won’t be impressed. If it is a showroom, then the showroom itself  should be capable of inviting the customer. So, understanding that… the glass work, the lightning and all, the fabric work, whatever it is we are planning in the interior.. it has to be attractive enough to bring the crowd inside.


In this industry there is one more important part is Civil work. without civil work no project can get executed.  In civil work we construct the building. So, what is civil work once???  The architect decides and designs the layouts and it gets the permission from the authority. Understanding the string factor of the building and the drawings provided by the architects and the engineers , the civil contractor will be making the construction part. Construction is the main strength of the building so we have to take care of many things. In civil construction, again it can be your residential building construction, it can be your commercial building construction etc. Here, the civil contractor will make structure, execute the building elevations based on different designs provided by the architect.



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