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Nest Inn - Retirement Home, Dehradun,16,000 sq ft

Manimangalam Tower, Kerala,Ongoing

Farmhouse, Haryana,10500 sft area,2020

St. Gregorious Orthodox Church,Gurgaon, Haryana,12,000 sqft area

Villa Rajwahi,Gopalganj, Bihar,7500 sft area, Ongoing

St. Paul's School, Ayanagar,Delhi, 45000 sft, Ongoing

Sector 50, Noida, 8000 sft area, Ongoing

Canoe Kerala

Ahuja Radios Factory

Noida, Phase II, 1,00,000 sqft, 

YWCA's site for skill development center 

Dehradun, Uttarakhand, Institutional, 20,000 SQFT

Fluid House, Kottayam, Kerala

St. Thomas School, Bhatinda,Institutional,20000 SQFT,Ongoing

Sacred Heart School Block,Institutional,30,000 sqft,

St. Mary Queen Of Apostles Church,Sanghamvihar, Delhi,15,000 SQFT,