Canoe Kerala

The site enjoys advantage of living adjacent to the water as there is continuous rush of fresh air in the midst of tender coconut trees.

As the design need was unconventional we selected concrete pipes of 3m diameter which can cater all functions. These concrete pipes were selected because their shape itself creates a unique space quality and the geometry helps to transfer the structural load in an effective way thus reducing the structure cost.


The pipes were laid in 3 levels grounds level is designed to house dining activities as it can be accessed from both side of the tubular structure. There are 3 tubular structure laid on ground level which is also connected to a toilet & kitchen block in the rear side.


First level is accessed by dog legged metal staircase, which houses two tubular structure one for cookery classes and other for a lounge. This space has a platform for both sitting inside lounge and outdoor sitting also.


Top level consists of only one tubular structure therefore it is dedicated to bedroom because of privacy and advantage of serene view.


All these tubular structures have openings on two sides opposite to each other to maintain good ventilation. Also, this unique tubular structure on its own imparts reflection on back water which itself elevates user experience a notch above.