This conceptual proposal for a farmhouse is boldly looking out of the box by making a residence look like a tensile pavilion having anti-synclastic folds. Its layout is that of a 6-point star having the landscape design resonate with the floor plan which makes the building a part of its surrounding landscape. The design concept comfortably overlays on both the building and the remaining site, leaving the plot looking wholesome and connected. This layout enables the inhabitants to be closer to nature because of its strategic balcony and verandah locations which have panoramic views to the outside. These balcony facings give more connectivity and supervision over the entire plot. Apart from the residence block, there are guest and staff quarters, along with a stable and a horse dressage rink. Reinforced Cement Concrete or RCC is a flexible material which can make rigid buildings look fluid and its versatility can be greatly expressed by such Folded-plate structures.