This commercial building lying on a corner site demanded a landmark look for the immense traffic forming at the road junction. It was calling out against looking like any generic commercial complex. Being a cuboidal building, there were not much form variations that could be done to instill the visitor’s interest. With the bottom two floors reserved for a textile brand, we got the privilege of uniformity in case of branding. The incoherence of multiple brand identities and logos cramped together make it exceedingly difficult for shopping complexes to have any character of their own. White was chosen as the main color which is soothing to the eye and reflects more light. Maroon was chosen as the highlight color which was taped across the building façade. Keeping maximum glass display for the buyers’ engagement, a curvilinear band was made to cling on the two main walls which bound together to form a dramatic cantilevered entrance canopy of ferro-concrete. The leading steps were made to reflect the canopy profile which so as to help engage the onlookers from the very first tread.