Complete Architecture & Interior

with an experience of 30 years

Home Interior

A design can be anything. May be a wall design or a floor plan or the full furnishing Depending upon your requirement we will come up

with different concepts...We provide designs for residence,

which is smart, economy and everlasting.


We DRI registered under Government of India and providing Architecture design consultancy for Commercial Buildings and High End residences. Our designs are as per norms and provide Green Building Concepts. Consultancy service starts from Planning to delivering the site.

Corporate Interior

The design of a corporate house is

meant to be the nature of business and the owner's taste.At the same time the comfort of working is on high priority.Here we can give you the solution for the best with best option for maximum space utilization. Our creative and technical team will bring out your expectation into reality. So far completed 25 Lacs square feet of space.


Construction service includes all types of civil constructions and interior fit outs. It is important to process the correct execution process and hence we do follow of the testing phases and produce certificates for the same.

Retail Interior

Trendy look is what highly

demanded now days. The taste

of color and the feel of material

is one of the most important

elements when it comes to a

life style. We will make you

feel it while we design it...Hotels, Malls, Showroom...It can be anything. Our commitment is to get you the Trendiness.


In house team of DRI is capable of providing services like ELECTRICAL Construction, Fire Fighting, Fire Alarm, HVAC, Plumbing, Data Networking etc.



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