What do you see before selecting a service?

Well, everyone wants to have a beautiful home or a beautiful work place. But how will you go ahead? Whom will you hire to design your space? Whom will you award the execution part? This is a kind of decision which will either make you happy or make you cry in regret. What is the reason behind this? Well, the reason is You.

Let us brief you. Lets say, you have to renovate your old house or you have to upgrate your new home interior. What will be the first thing you will do?? We think, at first you will explore various interior design samples in the internet. And of course, you will save many pics. You are in a dream of living in those designs..such a great feeling. Is not it? Yes, it is. What is the next step?

Now you will be looking for companies those who provide interior design and execution services. For that, you will again start exploring the internet. Finally, you have seen some web sites, where you can find amazing designs of home interior. So you get excited and call them. As you make an enquiry, very next day the company executive comes to your place, shows you some more designs and offers you to deliver the best interior design solutions to you. You are so impressed that without any delay, you hire them. 

Now what is next?? If your luck favours, you will have a satisfied service delivered, else you will end up having a worse nightmare. The Reason?? The reason is that, just now you have made a big blunder. You made a blunder by picking a wrong service provider.

Interior industry does not work this way. This industry is composition of Creativity, Technicality, Management and Accountancy. For that you have to pick the right person, who has all the above knowledge and a good experience in the interior industry. Who will understand your needs and come up to you with many innovative ideas. Who will guide you all engineering parts which are hidden behind the Designs. Who will be standing by you till the completion of the project. You need an personal adviser who will instruct in every phases.

Now days, there are many E-commerce Companies who have stepped in to home interior industry. They have developed beautiful websites where you can see many new trending designs. But the drawback is, they will sublet the work to freelancers and their associates. As a result, you will never know who exactly is doing your project..In this case, you have to rely on your luck. 

Home interior can never be served by E-commerce Companies. Because they are neither design firm nor contractor firm. They just take the project from you and send it to outsource. From E-commerce Companies you can buy shoes, garments etc. But we do not believe that you can buy customized designs and execution service. Not possible. They believe in doing bulk projects. Because of that your quality got compromised.

If you really want to have a beautiful home interior, then look for design firms, those who do limited projects, but do good quality projects. Where the lead Architect or Interior Designer is directly associated with you and cares about your home as much as you do.

Your home needs civil work, plumbing work, electrical work, carpentry, painting and many more other services. You have to be reallly serious while picking your designer. Designs are useless if it is technically wrong. So, don't be in hurry. Decide wisely.

If you wish to learn more about the industry, feel free to call us at 9953641912. Further you can decide how do you wish to go ahead.

Good luck.

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    Yogesh Kumar (Friday, 10 May 2019 08:20)

    I m interior designer freelancer work

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